Watch: 2nd breakthrough for Pembroke – Ta’ Qali tunnel

There has been a second breakthrough for the Pembroke – Ta’ Qali tunnel.

 Minister for Energy and Water Michael Farrugia, along with Water Services Corporation (WSC) CEO Ivan Falzon visited the tunnel being drilled from the Pembroke Reverse Osmosis plant to the Ta’ Qali Reservoirs. This was the second of three scheduled tunnel breakthroughs.

The tunnel will be a crucial asset for the Corporation and will allow it to link its largest Reverse Osmosis plant in Pembroke to the Ta’ Qali Group of Reservoirs via large diameter 1.2m mains. This will ensure that all the blending potential of RO water is exploited, and pumping energy reduced to the barest minimum, thereby giving better efficiency and optimal environmental performance. The significant reduction of pumping losses will mean large savings in electricity used for pumping as well as hundreds of tonnes of CO2 per year.

The tunnel will house two pipelines, one to deliver water to Ta Qali and the other will be used to supply good quality blended water to the central part of the island through a centralised hub feeding mainly via gravity – no need of pumps. In total, around 3,000 tonnes of pipework and fittings will be laid in the tunnel.

This project is aimed to improve the overall water quality in many parts of Malta and improve operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. This is a project forming part of the WSC’s ‘Net Zero Impact Utility’ project.