Watch: ‘25,000 jobs threatened if you vote PL’ – Delia


The Leader of Partit Nazzjonalista Adrian Delia addressed a political activity in Fgura. This activity is following the theme ‘Together for our Country’. Delia focused on the topic of tax harmonisation, as Partit Laburista is supporting the idea which is currently being proposed in the Socialist Electoral Manifesto in the election for President of the European Commission. This will threaten 25,000 jobs in the fields of financial services and gaming.

“An eye for an eye” – Sant

Delia discussed the phrase “An eye for an eye”, used by PL candidate Alfred Sant. Sant stated that he agrees with tax harmonisation, and that this means that the country will not be able to decide its tax rates and laws, said Delia. He continued by stating that this ideology is usually believed in by European Socialists.

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“Our outlook does not change”

The Leader of the Opposition referred to last week’s debate, in which he confronted Joseph Muscat regarding this Socialism outlook, so much so that PN is currently identifying the Party as ‘Partit Soċjalista’. Muscat responded by asking if PL should start calling PN ‘il-Partit Popolari Ewropew’. Delia described his Party as being determined to maintain its roots and values, and that its outlook does not change by time. Voting for PN is a vote which protects Maltese values and priorities, concluded Delia.

The PN candidates for the Local Council Elections in the fourth district have officially been announced. The localities included are Fgura, Paola , Tarxien, Santa Luċija, and Gudja.

Vice Leader of PN David Aguis praised the memory of Carmel Saliba, the mother of Joe Saliba, who had contributed to the Party for several years.