Watch: 22,000 masks donated to residences of elderly and people with a disability

Norwex and Corinthia Group have donated 22,000 masks to be used in residences for the elderly and for persons with disability.

This was announced by the Parliamentary Secretary for Active Ageing and Persons with Disability Silvio Parnis after he was presented with these masks by the private companies.

Parliamentary Secretary Silvio Parnis praised the two companies for this noble gesture in these difficult times. He said, “These are testing times for all of us. This is our moment to show how much we love and care for one another.”


Joseph Vella, managing director at Norwex Malta, explained that giving back and caring are a tremendous part of what the ‘Norwex Family’ stands for, and the company is thankful for being able to show its endless appreciation to the Maltese community in such a meaningful way. This donation of 20,000 protective mask forms part of the initiative; ‘A Million Masks. A Million Thank Yous.’, whereby Norwex Group secured one million masks for distribution across the world.

Chairman of Corinthia Group Alfred Pisani said that Corinthia is built upon the principles of family values and helping one another, and this initiative, which consists of donating high quality N95 masks, fits perfectly with its beliefs. Pisani said that, as a company, they will continue to provide whatever support they can to our society, especially in this moment of need.

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