Watch: 16 turtles hatch in Għadira, more expected in coming days

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

16 turtle hatchlings were seen emerging from a turtle nest in Għadira Bay yesterday evening, at around 9.30pm. 

In a statement, the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) added that the nest will be monitored over the next couple of days as further hatchlings are expected to emerge.

Hatchlings are naturally attracted to moonlight shining on the sea surface and their first response, upon emerging from the eggs, is to swim towards the light. In view of this, ERA kickstarted its planned response to reduce disturbance from artificial light or any physical barriers at the bay so as to ensure that the hatchlings’ first journey is a successful one.

ERA thanked NTM, the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning (MECP), and all volunteers who contributed their time to achieve the protection of this nest and the strengthening of the marine biodiversity in Malta.