Watch: 11 housing apartments inaugurated in Marsamxett

    During the inauguration of 11 housing apartments, the Prime Minister Robert Abela said that it is not acceptable even for one family to be living without a decent shelter.

    The Prime Minister inaugurated 11 housing apartments, investing €750,000 in Marsamxett, Valletta. In his speech, he said that the government is willing to take responsibility of people for whom shelter is not readily available.

    Abela explained that the housing projects involve new building projects which are being made possible thanks to the €100 million from the citizenship selling scheme and also from the European Investment Bank. Thanks to these funds, 1,700 new units are being built. The Prime Minister added that there are other buildings that have been identified to be converted into housing apartments.

    Dr Abela maintained that Housing will be a priority for the Government and that the Authority has started a profiling process. This process will not only rely solely on the information given from the client but will also involve going on site to witness the living conditions and needs of clients.

    The Minister for Social Accomodation Roderick Galdes said that these projects will not lead to the regeneration of useless buildings but will rather be focussed on giving shelter to those who need it most.

    The Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Ian Borg explained that the regeneration of Marsamxett is leading to social benefits, economical and cultural.

    The Parliamentary Secretary for EU Funds Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi said that a regeneration was in process so that the city of Valletta would cater for a number of needy families in Malta.

    Unions are crucial for the improvement of the quality of life of workers – PM

    Prime Minister Robert Abela meets with the General Workers Union’s administration Workers Memorial Building, Valletta** Media are invited for the first minutes of the meeting

    Meanwhile, during a meeting with the administration of the GWU, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that he believes in the potential of all workers and that the Government will continue working on improving their life.

    He spoke about the trade-unionism for the improvement of working conditions of employees and about payment of work of equal value. He added that this concept in the government sector, should be adopted by the private sector as well.

    About the mandatory membership in a trade union, the Prime Minister said that he agrees with this proposal since it leads to the improvement of the conditions and interests of the employees, even in negotiations of collective agreements.