Watch: 11 arrested after staging protest inside Safi detention centre

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Asylum seekers detained at Hal Safi Barracks staged a protest on Thursday, the police confirmed, leading to eleven people being arrested for participating in the protest. The police have described it protest as a “riot”.

In a statement the police, said that their assistance was required at around 12.30pm after plumes of black smoke were noticed. A tent had caught fire and produced a thick black cloud of smoke, according to the police, while other damage was done. A policeman was taken to a health centre after he was hit with a piece of metal while assisting the police and other officials who were trying to bring the situation under control.

Firefighters from the Civil Protection Department put out the fire.

A total of eleven people who were participating in the protest were subsequently arrested with the help of detention centre officials. The individuals were taken to the Police Headquarters for further questioning.