Watch: 100 ‘leading cases’ in constitutional law turned into a book

A new book, ‘Leading Cases in Maltese Constitutional Law’ containing a hundred judgments was launched on Friday evening.

The book, by former European Commissioner and constitutional lawyer Tonio Borg, contains a hundred judgments which have been classified and translated to English. The book is not only aimed at students, but also for anyone who is interested in constitutional law. Some cases which could be classified as ’leading cases’ have been left out.

In an interview with, former European Commissioner and Constitutional lawyer Tonio Borg explained that 100 judgments out of many more were selected for his upcoming publication. The judgments were taken from the last 100 years, both from pre-Independence and post-Independence times. Borg explained that when Malta was still a colony, despite not having a constitutional court, Malta still had a constitution.

Among the pre-1964 cases, one finds Lord Strickland challenging the Crown’s right to legislate by Order in Council on non-reserved matters following the suspension of the Self-Government 1921 Constitution.

The Court judgments dealing with Constitutional law have been classified and translated to English by Borg and include a commentary at the end of each chosen case.

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