Watch: 10-year-old shares her experience making a film

Jade Cutajar, a 10-year-old child participant of the Bringing Creativity to Life project spoke to about her experience. She said that the foundation and the initiative taught her how to use a camera. Her favourite part of the project was making puppets out of socks and buttons, because she enjoys crafts.

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The story of the children and puppets’ film is that they are jumping out of a helicopter, said Jade, but the puppets are afraid. The children then land on an island and look for food and start a fire.

Watch: Children make believe with puppets, socks and buttons

The Karl Vella Foundation was established to give educational and psychological support to children of between 5 and 17 years, who have family members suffering from some sort of serious illness. The Foundation is named in memory of Karl Vella, the father who succumb to cancer and was given the Medal for Service to the Republic posthumously. Vella fought the illness courageously, so much so that he became a symbol of comfort to those in similar situations.