Watch: One in every five children experiences severe bullying

One in every five children aged between 8 and 12-years have experienced severe bullying in their lives according to the Chairperson of the Church’s Safeguarding Commission Andrew Azzopardi.

In comments given to just before the first event of the non-governmental organisation bBrave which strives to raise awareness about bullying. Azzopardi stated that the Archdiocese of Malta supports this initiative and remarked that the Commission worked against abuse.

“78% of the children experience online hate speech”

Azzopardi cited research which showed that 78% of children have experienced online hate speech at some point of their life. He remarked that online hate speech worries him as a parent as well as other parents. Azzopardi further commented that the internet could be used both in a good way and in a harmful manner.  He remarked that there was the need to protect children more so that they could grow in a postive and healthy environment.

“Don’t be afraid to speak up if you’re bullied” – Volunteer

Néhémie Abbi-Gaël, a volunteer with bBrave, stressed that it was important for those who have experienced bullying to find the courage and tell their story. According to Abbi-Gaël it was only by shedding light on such behaviour that bullying can be ended.