WasteServ emphasises importance of proper recyclable glass collection


Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

There has been no change to regulations concerning the collection of glass for recycling, but only the enforcement of existing standards, WasteServ clarified.

The clarification follows the announcement that glass mixed with other waste material would no longer be accepted starting from this month. The public has been asked to dispose of glass in reusable containers, such as the bins already distributed by WasteServ to all households, or any other reusable container that can be used on a permanent basis.

In its statement, the company said that action was being taken to ensure that glass reaches it clean, and that it is not contaminated during collection, to ensure that it can be recycled.

It was with this in mind, it said, that the private waste collection schemes, namely GreenPAK and GreenMT, have launched a number of measure to ensure that this aim is reached in collaboration with local councils.

According to WasteServ, the measures were achieving the desired result, at least in part, noting that it was observed that the glass collected today was not contaminated as was the case in previous times. However, WasteServ received less glass than usual, and contrary to expectations, an amount of glass – predominantly in cardboard boxes – was left on the streets.

In light of this, WasteServ and the LCA have decided to collect this remaining glass to minimise inconvenience and to ensure that the glass is recycled. However, the company added that work with the waste collection schemes will be intensified to ensure that the service expected of them is delivered.

In the meantime, it added, educational campaigns would continue taking place in a bid to improve Malta’s environmental performance.