Waste dumping at sea would damage marine environment – NGOs

Siġġiewi illegal dumping site

The sea could become the ‘next to fall victim to environmental degradation’, two environmental NGOs have said.

The Nature Trust and the Foundation for Environmental Education has responded negatively to proposals by the Malta Developer’s Association, over the dumping of construction waste in the sea.

According to the NGOs, the marine environment within Malta’s territorial waters, are currently protected as Special Protected Areas / Special Areas of Conservation.

Credit: NT-FEE

Added to this is the fact that there has been a 14 year of inertia since Malta’s ascendency to the European Union where the country failed to come up with a long-term process to deal with the waste.

They therefore, consider the proposal irresponsible and demonstrating an ‘easy way out’ and a ‘quick fix solution’ for the developers to dump waste.

Prevent better than cure

Credit: NT-FEE

While reacting negatively to the proposal, the NGOs also propose a proactive method that actively reduces construction waste over its disposal.

They present a series of ideas which they believe will reduce the amount of stone waste at the construction source and improve the situation in the longer term.

Possible ideas to reduce waste may be to:

  • Practice deconstruction instead of demolition
  • Encourage plans and designs that generate less waste
  • Use standard sizes and quantities of materials in buildings to reduce off cuts and, should off cuts be generated, these may be stored and used in future buildings
  • Use waste stone to restore rubble walls around the Maltese Islands
  • Use waste stone to reconstitute building blocks
  • Pulverization of limestone in order to create limestone dust and used for other purposes