Warning: Do not swim at Xlendi Bay

The Environmental Health Directorate within the Superintendence of Public Health has issued a statement to avoid swimming at Xlendi bay, Gozo due to the quality of bathing water.

The Directorate does not recommend swimming at Xlendi bay and information signs have been fixed to indicate the area.

For further information on the quality of bathing water, the public is kindly requested to contact the Health Inspectorate Services between 8.00 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. on telephone number 2133 7333, or by calling personally at its offices at Continental Business Centre, Old Railway Track, Santa Venera or via e-mail at mhi@gov.mt. Outside office hours, the public is cordially requested to call the automated system on 2182 7146 or on mobile number for Malta +356 7950 9918 or Gozo number +356 7950 9919.

The public can also access the Directorate’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Environmental-Health-Directorate-Malta/145027878928626 or our official website at https://deputyprimeminister.gov.mt/en/environmental/Health-Inspectorate/EHRM/Pages/BathingWater-Programme.aspx.