Wanted: Political Analysts for PN defeat report

Beleaguered PN Leader coy on defeat report
Beleaguered PN Leader coy on defeat report

Sources have confirmed to Newsbook.com.mt that the top echelons of the PN administration are actively scouting for political analysts to carry out a post-mortem of the electoral bloodbath which the Partit Nazzjonalista has suffered at the polls last weekend. Different sources also indicated that this was not an idea born after the poll results but one which the party leadership had informally decided upon in the weeks leading up to the elections.

Meanwhile, party leader Adrian Delia adopted a coy attitude on TVM’s DISSETT when he said that such a post-electoral report was not ‘required’ but that he would consider requesting its compilation. He expressed the desire to have such an analysis carried out by a wide gamut of people and not by political experts. This, he said, was down to the fact that he did not want an elitist party with just a few advising him on what was going so wrong.

Delia said that if having such a report carried out was party procedure, he had nothing against it. However, he said, many were the reports which simply gathered dust in drawers after completion. The PN statute does not, in effect, require such a report to be compiled. Delia said that the report must however, embrace as wide a spectrum of society as possible to see where whom and how these different sectors felt that the PN was not their choice representative.

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Admitting to insufficient change in the Party, Delia insisted that he had been given a task to do over a five-year period and that he was there to see it through. He said that he was aware that elements within the party were not sympathetic or even hostile. Delia said that he would do all in his power to draw these elements back into the fold but if they still resisted, he would proceed regardless “…otherwise we will get stuck”.

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At Naxxar, Delia insisted that he would not resign while prominent PN leaning economist and statistician Lawrence Zammit was one of the first to express the opinion, on Newsbook.com.mt, that Delia should resign. This call was followed by one made by former PN Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi saying that Delia should put his position up for public scrutiny. Former PN leadership candidate and party treasurer Alex Perici Calascione, as well as former PN candidate Herman Farrugia also weighed in on this aspect.

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