“Wages should not remain a secret” – Director of Labour Studies, UoM

The Director of the Centre for Labor Studies within the University of Malta Dr. Anna Borg, said new measures are needed to remove the secrecy culture in addressing the problem of different pay based on the gender of a person.

During today’s gender pay gap conference, organised by the European Parliament Liaison Office in Malta, every speaker admitted that there is a problem.

The Nationalist Member of the European Parliament Francis Zammit Dimech, said that one of the ways the issue could be addressed is through more transparency. He said that more reporting is needed in this area.

The representative from the National Statistics Office Joslyn Magro Cuschieri, explained how the financial and the science and technology sectors are among those experiencing the worst discrepancy between the wages based on gender. She said that, when workers are between 15 and 24 years there are no discrepancies, but this is increased when workers begin to become older.

HSBC Malta CEO Andrew Beane described the pay gap as “unacceptable”. He said that people in positions similar to his have the responsibility to carry out the changes needed.

Dr. JP Baldacchino of the Academic Association of the University, said he believes by collective bargaining. Thus, salaries become fully transparent. 

Nationalist MEP Roberta Metsola. said that although several pro-work campaigns are carried out, she rarely sees similar campaigns regarding equal pay.

Dr. JosAnn Cutajar also said that it is important to look at nations with equal pay.

Silvan Agius said that ongoing changes in the law will enable more chance of protesting wage inequality.

The Pro Rector of the University of Malta, Godfrey Baldacchino said that the situation will become worse before it becomes better.