Vulnerable persons ignored by the government in the Budget!


On 29 March 2020, Legal Notice 111 of 2020, ordered that “vulnerable persons”, including “persons of sixty-five (65) years of age or over” “are to remain segregated in their residence”.

As a result, these vulnerable persons could not use thier private acrs.

This means that such vulnerable persons could not take full benefit of the annual circulation licence fee (tax) which they were paying.

The government offered refunds of part of the electricity bill and part of the rent to businesses.

But it offered no refunds to vulnerable perssons on their annual circulation licence tax!

Is this how the government measures its social consideration for vulnerable persons?

In foreign countries, motor insurance companies have offered credit or refunds to their policyholders for a number of months.

Why is it that motor insurance companies in Malta did not offer such credit or refund to local policyholders?

One of the largets motor insurance companies in the United States of America, State Farm Insurance has offered 2about 5% credit on premiums for the period of March 20 through May 31. Other reductions were offered after May, resulting in about 4.2 billion US dollars in savings for motor insurance customers.

Letter to the Editor by Alfred A. Farrugia