Vox Pop: Many don’t feel safe at home with construction works next door

Newsbook.com.mt was out on the streets in Ħamrun, Pietà and Valletta asking people whether they would feel safe if they had to have ongoing construction and excavation works next to their house.

On Monday, Miriam Pace, 54, of Santa Venera lost her life after she was buried under the rubble after her residence collapsed due construction work going on on an adjacent site. Many have called for the resignation of Minister Ian Borg who was responsible for the latest reform following a string of building collapsing last year.

A respondent replied that nowadays those working in construction pay little attention to what the law says and would excavate under the foundations of the building. For this reason, he would not feel safe inside his house. He said that when speaking to the relevant authorities they would pay little to no attention.

One man said that the law enforcement authorities should carry out more checks and ensure that the work being carried out is according to the law. He added that the authorities should not wait for a report to be filed, but spot checks should be carried out since they are already aware of the ongoing works.

A man said that with all that has happened over the last years, he would not feel safe.

A woman said that she feared for her life and that of her children. She added that she would not allow her children to live in a place which is not safe.

Another respondent said that recently the Planning Authority approved a permit next to his mother’s house who is 90 years old. The man voiced his concern given the latest collapse.

One respondent told this newsroom that she would not feel safe, since “they [contractors] are doing whatever they like.”

Another respondent said that he would feel safe. He replied saying that sometimes it is needed.