Vlog: Three years on, Archbishop remembers his father

In his first day in the Holy Land, the Archbishop of Malta Charles Scicluna recalled the memory of his father and commemorated the third year since his passing.

The celebration took place when the Archbishop as well as some youths, made a short unscheduled visit in the Carmel Sanctuary. During Mass they also celebrated the 19th anniversary of the ordination of Fr Daniel.

In the vlog, the Archbishop praised the Carmel Hill and remarked about the presence of the Prophet Elijah who symbolises the importance of keeping the presence of God in one’s life.

The Archbishop revealed that the next step for himself and the Maltese and Gozitan youths was to visit Nazareth, the town of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Yesterday, Archbishop Scicluna left Malta together with a group of 28 youths aged between 15 and 30, for a pilgrimage in the Holy Land. They were also accompanied by two priests.

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