Vision for revised SPED and NSE has been launched

The vision for the National Strategy for the Environment, NSE, and the process for the Strategic Plan for the Environment and Development, SPED, revision have been launched by the Minister for the Environment Aaron Farrugia.

The Minister said that the time has come to place the environment and quality of life at the top of the country’s priorities, with a vision until 2050. The economy, social wellbeing, and the environment will be placed on the same level in every decision that is taken in order to ensure this happens said Farrugia.

It was also explained how Malta had adopted its very first spatial plan for environment and development in 2015, which aimed to improve the quality of all aspects of the rural and urban environment in a holistic manner and to give rise to all the policies which regulate the decisions of the Planning Authority.

The revision of this strategy is intended to give experts and the public the opportunity to provide the foundations for the analysis of the direction the country is taking, through an extensive public consultation process and specific studies. On the other hand, the NSE should guide all other policies for the next thirty years to prioritise quality of life and wellbeing.

ERA CEO Michelle Piccinino said that a fundamental change brought about through the setting up of the ERA, is a policy framework that has the environment at its core.

Chairperson of the Planning Authority’s Executive Council, Martin Saliba, said that countries around the globe, including Malta, are passing through many transitional changes and facing new challenges and realities on various fronts and the SPED is a keystone document since it gives strategic direction to the sustainable management of our country’s land and sea resources.