Visible and Invisible Forces – multimedia exhibition

Described as ‘a journey of self-discovery’, Visible and Invisible Forces is a exhibition of a collection of artworks – both old and new pieces – by Mary Attard.

These works represent phases in her life that needed a spontaneous and intuitive expression to mark some particular awakening or insight as it occurred.

They date back from her teenage years right to this day (almost five decades), spanning times of various emotions and states of being along the years – from ‘growing pains’, struggles to fit in – or mostly not to fit in – right through a need for making some statement and all the spectrum of emotions from darkness to elated spells.

A mostly self-taught creative, Mary Attard had various exhibitions in the past. Though photography is nowadays her constant tool of expression, there are times when she needs a tactile form of expression and resorts to some hands on means to achieve her end results.

A percentage of the earnings from any sales of artworks in the exhibition will go towards Dar Hosea, that offers shelter and help in raising the consciousness of women who are caught up in addiction or demeaning lifestyles.

‘I hope my journey here presented through the Visible and Invisible Forces exhibition will be of some inspiration to whoever sees it while possibly being of some financial support to Dar Hosea’s noble cause in the community,” Ms Attard said.

Visible and Invisible Forces will be held at the Skyparks Business Centre, Luqa until the 19th November 2018.

More information may be obtained from Ms Attard’s website page or Facebook page.