Virtual classes only available for vulnerable primary students, UPE lambasts discrimination

virtual online class
Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

The Union of Professional Educators has pointed out that parents who have opted to keep their children at home and who cannot present evidence of their vulnerability or that of family members within the same household, cannot attend virtual classes.

In a statement on Thursday, the union welcomed the virtual school for children who are vulnerable or who have vulnerable family members residing with them. However, the union noted that virtual learning is a discriminatory practice against those parents who have opted to keep their children at home despite not having a vulnerable status to show.

The UPE highlighted that secondary school students who have stayed home are missing out on their education as virtual classes are only being held for primary school students.

The union accused the education authorities of implementing half-baked measures, saying that the Education Ministry and the Malta Union of Teachers who have agreed on this are working in management by crisis mode.

“Yet again, we are witnessing half-baked measures on the part of a ministry, which brags about an inch given way too late, when there is still a foot to go,” the statement reads.

Schools reopened on 7 October with the education authorities adopting a staggered approach after the previous scholastic year was cut short when the first few coronavirus cases were registered in Malta.

On Thursday, the health authorities reported 174 new coronavirus cases following 2,842 swab tests.

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