Virtu Ferries – preparations in full swing for the 1st July

Dr John Mizzi from the Port Health Authorities recently provided training to members of the Virtu Ferries’ onboard and terminal staff, to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Virtu has put in place a rigorous social distancing protocol that sees the vessel’s passenger carrying capacity drastically reduced.

The M/V Saint John Paul II has 1,100 seats, including 110 open air seats on both the main deck and bridge deck.  Social distancing will be maintained throughout the 90-minute voyage; only passengers from the same household will be able to occupy adjacent seats. Social distancing will also be enforced during embarkation and disembarkation; the use of the terminal is strictly limited to passengers and members of Virtu staff.

As an added precaution, senior citizens and people now classified as vulnerable are asked to inform the purser or a member of the cabin crew in order to be provided with appropriate seating arrangements.

This content was supplied by Virtu Ferries