Violent man carrying drugs arrested

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Police received reports that a man was acting violently throughout the night. As soon as the man was caught by the Police, he escaped, but was caught again.To top it off, as he was being arrested, he grabbed the Sergeant from his neck. The man was also carrying a substance which is understood to be a drug substance.

This happened last night, at around 3.30am in St Julian’s. The Police was informed that a man was being violent outside an establishment, close to Spinola Bay.

In a statement, the Police explained that it had tried to calm down the 32-year-old man from Sudan, but it was all in vain. The man started threatening the police and then managed to escape. However, the police eventually caught up with him and arrested him, thanks to the help of officials from the Rapid Intervention Unit.

As the man was being arrested, he grabbed the Sergeant from his neck and injured him lightly. The police scanned the man and they found that he was carrying four packets with a green substance together with a pill, allegedly drugs.

The Police investigations are still in progress.