Viennese night opens MPO’s concert season

Camilla Tilling / Maria Ostlin

The Malta Philharmonic Orchestra will team up with the renowned soprano Camilla Tilling in a concert which officially opens its 2018/19 concert season.

The orchestra’s concert season will see it average more than one performance a week, including third-party events in addition to a considerable number of concerts produced by the orchestra itself.

The season opener, which will be held at the Teatru Manoel, bears the name Notes from Vienna, and the orchestra, under the direction of Michalis Economou, will be performing works by three composers from the late Romantic era – Anton Webern, Richard Strauss and Gustav Mahler – for whom Vienna was particularly significant.

Of the three, only Webern is a native Viennese: Strauss hailed from Bavaria and Mahler was a German-speaking Jew from Bohemia. But both spent significant – and productive – periods of their lives in the Austrian capital, and both directed the Vienna State Opera.

Tickets for the concert, which starts at 8.00pm on the 29th September, may be bought from the Teatru Manoel’s box office or online.