Video: “Malta failed to implement law against money laundering”

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

European Commissioner for Justice Věra Jourová, said that Malta lacked the implementation of the European directive against money laundering.

Jourová explained that the lack of communication with Maltese authorities led her to say that there are still gaps in the implementation of the European directive.

She said this while addressing a news conference at the Offices of the European Commission in Malta.

She said that in these two days in Malta she met and will continue to meet several representatives from all areas, such as the legislative and regulatory.

This morning she met with Minister Helena Dalli and Minister Owen Bonnici, representatives of FIAU, with representatives from the Chamber of Advocates and even with representatives of the judiciary.

She later said tomorrow she will continue with a series of meetings, one of them with Finance Minister, Edward Scicluna.

When asked about Pilatus bank, the European Commissioner said that she did not know enough information about the case to comment in detail.

On the sale of European citizenship, Jourová said that the European Commission is consistent. She also said that there are some reservations on the sale of citizenship by member states and therefore any member state cannot allow foreigners to acquire citizenship in an easy process.  She also said that security should remain a priority.

When asked about the lack of crypto currency regulation, Jourová said that was why the European Union had created the legal basis in the European directive against money laundering.

Last May, Jourová said that she expected to visit Malta to strengthen FIAU’s position against money laundering in Malta, and to investigate why the law against money laundering had not entered within the stipulated time.