Video: Immigrants singing happily now they’re coming to Malta

The project coordinator of Aquarius, Aloys Vimard told that the immigrants are exhausted and traumatised but none of them are sick even though some require medical attention.

“Their stories are heartbreaking” – Vimard

Aloys Vimard also shared with some of the stories from the rescued.

A man from Cameroon that had been kidnapped and kept captive by Boko Haram for 8 years could not communicate with his family. He eventually escaped for Libya where he also found no luck.

Sexual violence stories abound. A man had to witness his sister’s rape.

The 38 youngsters on board Aquarius also have horrible experiences of kidnap and torture to share.

The Aquarius Project coordinator complained about the policy that interferes with their rescue work. He said that the immigrants are dehumanized and treated like cargo whilst politicians look the other way.

Vimard ended by saying that the members of his rescue team are common people that are trying to help these victims stranded at sea without getting much required help themselves.

Aloys Vimard also stated that he does not know much from onboard the Aquarius on the issue of the loss of its Gibraltar flag as they are more focused on the immigrants’ wellbeing. He also said that Aquarius had always been respectful to the law.