Video: Dolphins entertain watchers near Imġarr Harbour

Dolphins <3

We at xlendi watersports are over joyed to announce that #summer2018 has officially started with the lovliest sight anyone could ever witness, DOLPHINS <3 . They have been witnessed near Imgar Harbour onboard the Delfino itself, they have surely seemed to enjoy our boat's company :)

Posted by Xlendi water sports. on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A Video which is spreading on social media captured two dolphins going near Mgarr Harbor in Gozo.

This is not the first time dolphins were spotted near Malta’s shores, and in the past weeks they were also sighted close to St. Paul’s Bay, Marsamxett Harbour, and near Qawra’s coast.

Prof. Alan Deidun told that this is not a thing out of the ordinary that such species are sighted near Malta, because they are common in Mediterranean waters.

Prof. Deidun listed two possible reasons: the climate and conservation.

The climate is generally becoming warmer. Consequently, the seas become warmer and the dolphin moves while hunting other fish.

Since today there more laws which protect such species, their population has increased, and therefore, they are more likely to emerge in our seas, while declining elsewhere.

Prof. Deidun noted that this was not the first time that rare species emerge in Maltese waters, and pointed to other episodes when sharks and the fish Mola Mola were spotted.