Watch: A call for us to have hearts of gold

Archbishop Charles Scicluna has stressed that the call for the Mosta Church to be designated a minor basilica should be “not to cover the walls with gold, but for us to have hearts of gold”.

During the Mass during which the announcement was made, Mgr. Scicluna said that Pope Francis could rest assured that “the poor, the sick, children, youth and families” would be taken care of in this temple of Christ. He stated that the way we live our lives should be the message of gratitude that we send to the Pope. He also said that the minor basilica will be a way of having a special bond with Pope Francis.

The Archbishop highlighted that while the word ‘basilica’ means ‘the house of the King’, the King living in this particular place is not an earthly one.

“Whoever seeks to understand Jesus and his Church on the basis of worldly criteria will be confused, because the Church built by Jesus Christ, as well as his Word, serve as guides, but they do not stop you from making your own decisions,” added Mgr. Scicluna.

He pointed out that the Church was not for petty or frivolous arguments and peeves.

Mgr. Scicluna said that with the title comes great responsibility; a responsibility for the parishioners to be living proof of what it really means to be a Christian.

He appealed to all visitors to the basilica to feel at home, because the basilica is a call for the kingdom of God who embraces everyone.

You can read the full homily (in Maltese) here.