Vessel surveying interconnector spotted off Magħtab

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A vessel tasked to assess the damage sustained by the interconnector between Malta and Sicily could be seen off Magħtab on Wednesday. The area were it was spotted is where the interconnector falls under Maltese jurisdiction.

In a statement, the Energy Ministry said that the survey commissioned has been concluded. The survey was carried out some 16 nautical miles off the Sicilian coast in international waters. Asked why the vessel was seen off Magħtab, a spokesperson for Enemalta declined to comment.

Engineers from Enemalta and Nexans, the company which supplied the interconnector material, were present during the surveying process.

“Short power cuts anticipated”

The ministry said that it could not comment further on what led to the power cut on 23 December. It added that the company took the necessary measures to identify the fault, however, since it was covered by an insurance it could not comment further.

The government said that while no more total blackouts are anticipated, unless in an extraordinary circumstance, different localities may experience short power cuts. It added that there is enough generation capacity – 553MW – to cope with the anticipated level of demand of the current period, which is between 460MW and 470MW.

“Not true” – Mark Anthony Sammut

Former PN executive council president Mark Anthony Sammut said that Enemalta was not telling the whole truth about the energy situation after the interconnector sustained damage.

In his comments, Sammut said that the rumor about one of the three energy turbines being out of action was probably true.

“Functioning since 2017” – Electrogas

In a statement Electrogas claimed that the three turbines have been functioning since 2017 when they were commissioned. It added that they were reliable. Electrogas claimed that the company was producing the energy it was bound to produce.

According to the energy consortium, three turbines function using gas while one runs on steam. It added that their output has been over 3.6 million MWh.