Venice Commission to hold consultations with civil society over judicial appointment reform

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Venice Commission will be holding consultations directly with civil society over the judicial appointment reform before it replies to the Government about the advice the latter is seeking.

In a statement, rule of law NGO Repubblika said that it has been invited to take part in these consultations which should take place in May. The news was announced in a reply to Repubblika by the Venice Commission after the former wrote to the Council of Europe body informing it that the government has ignored the advice given by the Commission in its report dated December 2018.

The Venice Commission had recommended that an effective consultation process should take place with civil society before any constitutional change is made.

The government sent its proposals concerning the appointments of the judiciary to the Venice Commission without consulting any representatives of civil society and without a public consultation exercise beforehand.

In its statement, Repubblika said that the government should have done what the Venice Commission will now have to do.

“Government refused to publish its proposals and allow civil society and the free press to make their contribution to reform in a sector that is so important for a society to function properly,” Repubblika said.

“The way Government has been acting shows clearly that it does not want any criticism from anyone, it does not want to be subject to the scrutiny of civil society and the free press, and it is ready to attack in a planned and systematic way anyone who tries to stop it in order to isolate and destroy them,” the NGO stated.