Bartolo’s no to businessmen’s use of politics and criminals

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The parting shot of the Republic Day Facebook post of Minister Evarist Bartolo is a condemnation of those ‘few’ businessmen who use politics and criminals to control a country and manage it as if it were their private business.

Minister Bartolo has been harping on this theme for quite some time. In a speech in Parliament in May 2016 he said that on becoming a minister he was invited to a Saturday afternoon lunch in a farmhouse. What he taught was a social meeting for light banter turned out to be anything but that. Present at the meeting there where well known professionals, members of the judiciary and big businessmen who discussed mega-projects. He said that in the country there was a parallel parliament discussing and deciding an agenda different from that discussed by elected members.

In the past days Minister Bartolo returned to this subject on more than one occasion. His posts are today more relevant in the light of evidence given in Court linking political figures from the Office of the Prime Minister with big business in connection with the investigation of the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Dignified ceremony, orderly protests

In Friday’s post Minister Bartolo expressed the wish that the official Republic Day ceremony can be held in a dignified way side by side with orderly protests by civil society.

“Malta is a republic built on work, not on greed. We need a well-functioning state and an active civil society that keeps the state to account.”

Minister Bartolo expresses the need for a new republic where the state is governed with justice and equality.