Varist’s daily post brings opposing reactions

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Monday’s post on Facebook by Minister Evarist Bartolo saying that the country is at the crossroads brought him praise as well a strong criticism. His question about whether we are “going to work together to better our country or are we going to let it crumble?” elicited different reactions and interpretations.

Bartolo maintained that it is everyone’s duty to work towards a brighter future for Malta. He further claimed that talking about the future is far from an abstract subject but rather accounts for a country that is fully alive, a place where children are being born and raised in. He said that it is our duty to make sure that the generations to come are raised in a country which they are proud of.

“No room for hate” – Bartolo

Hatred and hate speech will never contribute to a better country, he added. According to Bartolo, as Christians, we are supposed to be able to distinguish the sin from the sinner and that for our country to truly progress, there should be more love towards our country and its people than hatred among us.

While noting that we will soon be entering into a new year, Minister Bartolo called for building on what is good while learning from our wrongdoings.

The need for different people to participate

“Our country will not get better out of its own accord. We need the participation of all sorts of people with different opinions, from a variety of backgrounds. The people that our country needs”, Bartolo remarked, “are those who prioritise the common good before their individual interests; people who come forward with their different ideas, critiques, suggestions and a sheer commitment toward building a common home, which is our own country.”

Praise and criticism

Two readers took Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne to task. They said that Bartolo should appeal to his colleague Fearne to foment unity not ‘hate’ in his speeches. These brought the reaction of a reader who said he will vote for Robert Abela.

Other readers considered the demonstration announced civil society as a way of sowing division amongst the Maltese. It was described as an attempt to make people forget the benefits of the budget.

There were those who were encouraged by the posts while others were confused.

Bartolo’s posts were considered by some as a dig at the Prime Minister, thus expressing their disapproval of same posts.  Others criticised Bartolo’s record as a minister while others praised it.