Valletta Cultural Agency Chairman dubs COVID news as ‘bitter scaremongering’

Jason Micallef has derided as ‘bitter’, ‘jealous’ and ‘conservative’ all those who spread negativity through giving news on the COVID-19 situation. In what may be classified as a public rant, the Chairman of the Valletta cultural Agency said that the conservative forces on the island intend for the government to crash through scaremongering. Meanwhile, the agency he leads issued a press release almost contemporaneously with the post, advertising “Imn’Alla fl-Aħħar Ħriġna” (Thank God, We’re out again), a mass event in one of Valletta’s narrowest streets, Strada Stretta.

Micallef wrote his Facebook post after a marked increase in numbers of COVID-19 positive cases and a chorus of calls by major constituted bodies to stop mass events.

“The conservative forces in the country want to place obstacles in PM Robert Abela’s who, in spite of the very difficult satiation of the past months, managed to launch the ship called MALTA and steer it to port successfully,” wrote Micallef. This success he said, sowed jealousy in the hearts of Abela’s detractors and “it maddened them”. He said that government has a duty towards “the general good” and accused what he described as “traditionally anti-labour media such as The Times, the Church’s Newsbook and others who have sprouted recently for scaremongering”.

Micallef concluded that he will do his utmost so that such ‘scaremongering’ does not bear results.