User data will help Maltese companies improve services – FZD

Data collected by online platforms about customers using Maltese company’s services, will be made available to the businesses themselves. This access would help companies improve their services and how they improve their target marketing, MEP Francis Zammit Dimech has said.

The move is part of a wider regulation being introduced to improve competitive fairness and transparency for Small Medium Enterprises using online platforms to reach customers.

This is understood to be a major boon to the hospitality sector in allowing them to be more visible online.

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Zammit Dimech Appointed Rapporteur for online fairness and transparency rules

Regulation will protect business online – Zammit Dimech

‘Maltese businesses want us to create a fair and competitive business environment and to facilitate digital transformation. I am glad that the new regulation I negotiated will ensure that businesses are safeguarded when using online platforms to reach customers, and that customers will now have a wider choice and better value deals,’ the MEP said.

MEP Francis Zammit Dimech was appointed as Rapporteur in the Committee on Legal Affairs towards the regulation which promotes fairness and transparency for smaller business and trade users of online services.  Businesses such as hotels, traders selling online, app developers and companies that rely on search engines for attracting internet traffic to their websites and visibility to their consumers are understood to benefit from the new rules.

The new rules ensure that businesses on the online platform environment in the EU incur no harm from lack of transparency or fairness. Disputes will be resolved more effectively through internal complaint handling systems and out-of-court dispute resolution processes. The EU Observatory will assess the impact of the new rules and the need for further measures within three years.