Use of masks & social distancing remains legally enforceable, says Chamber of Pharmacists

Miguela Xuereb

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Malta Chamber of Pharmacists is strongly recommending pharmacies to continue to adhere to its COVID-19 dispensing directives.

In a statement sent to its members the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists said that health authorities confirmed that the COVID-19 protocols remain legally enforceable after the status of public health emergency has been lifted.

The Chamber said that despite the remarks by Prime Minister Robert Abela that the use of masks and social distancing are guidelines and will not be legally enforced, it clarified that according to health authorities COVID-19 protocols remain in place.

It was explained that the protocols were issued under the Public Health Act and not under the Public Health Emergency status. Therefor even if the government announced that the state of public health emergency has been lifted the protocols remain into effect.

Therefore, the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists is advising its members to continue enforcing the following directives;

  • The use of masks/visors by staff and clients inside the pharmacies
  • The use of masks by salespersons and delivery persons visiting the pharmacies
  • Sanitisation of hands for all people entering the pharmacy
  • Not more than 1-2 patients inside the pharmacy
  • A 2-metre distance from the counter and other persons
  • A maximum time of 10 minutes per person inside the pharmacy

The statement was signed by the president of the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists Mary Ann Sant Fournier and Mario Debono the President of the Pharmacy Owners Section within the Malta Chamber of SME’s