US: Policewoman saves man in a wheelchair from an incoming train

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

A dramatic video showing a US police officer saving a man in a wheelchair has gone viral on social media.

The officer is being hailed a hero after saving the man in the nick of time when he became stuck on rail tracks as a train sped towards him.

Erica Urrea spotted the man at a level crossing in Lodi, Sacramento, in California, on Wednesday morning.

The officer’s bodycam footage shows her get out of her patrol car and run towards the man as the crossing barrier starts to come down, which was signalling traffic to stop because a train was approaching.

She managed to get to him and pull him out of the wheelchair, just in time.

Footage shows the pair fall back on to the ground as the train speeds past them.


The 66-year-old man suffered a leg injury and was taken to hospital for treatment.