US approves sanctions against Turkey

First time a NATO alley issues sanctions against another

The Trump administration now in its final month has done another first: it has approved sanctions against its NATO alley Turkey. The USA government was irked by the decision of Ankara to purchase a Russian missile system which is deemed to be incompatible with NATO equipment.

The USA government is imposing an export ban and US visa restrictions on the Turkish government agency that oversees defence purchases said the US Government.

This is the first time that a NATO alley has approved sanctions against another.

Turkey purchased the S-400 air defence system from Russia which the US claims it jeopardizes NATO security. This action follows the removal of the East Mediterranean giant from the F-35 stealth fighter development programme last year also due to the S-400 dispute.

Many analysts believe that President Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan friendship has been the main reason why the sanctions have not been called earlier.

Turkey tested the missile defence system in October for the first time, drawing condemnation from the Pentagon.

Meanwhile, the European Union leaders agreed to prepare limited sanctions on Turkish individuals over an energy exploration dispute with Greece and Cyprus, postponing any harsher steps until March as countries sparred over how to handle Ankara.

EU leaders agree on budget and limited sanctions on Turkey
EU leaders agree on Budget and limited sanctions on Turkey