Urban gardens in Pietà given high protection status by PA

More than 3000m2 of garden area in the urban conservation zone of Pieta’, together with a row of houses in Strait street Valletta have been given Grade 1 and 2 protection status by the Planning Authority.

This was announced by the authority which explained that this was possible due to the collaboration with the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage.    

The Planning Authority explained that a number of properties in Triq Santa Monika and Telgħet Gwardamanġa have had the garden area surrounding or at the back end of the property scheduled to safeguard these open spaces which are not only integral to their adjoining property but also to the morphology of the Pieta’ village core area.

The buildings of all the properties had been scheduled by the Authority some years back. 

The extensive gardens surrounding the Parish dedicated to our Lady of Lourdes have been given the highest grade of protection. Over 20 other properties in Telgħet Gwardamanġa, in the close vicinity of St. Ignatius School, which include Casa Gwardamangia, Villa Calypso, Dar Ida have had their gardens scheduled as Grade 2 properties.

The Planning Authority also announced that further down the street, door number 28 was scheduled as Grade 3 so that a stretch of similar houses now all have the same protection.

Also, a row of houses in Strait street Valletta, opposite Vincenti Buildings, was also given a Grade 2 protection status. The houses were built in 1787 by the Assembly of the Venerable Langue of Provence to increase their revenue.

The houses are currently as one single building used by the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security.

The public can view all scheduled buildings and properties in Malta and Gozo on the PA’s website www.pa.org.mt