Upgrade of Żebbuġ roundabouts and arterial road completed


The upgrade of the two main Żebbuġ roundabouts and the arterial road between them was concluded. The project costed some €0.5 million investment and saw the redesign and rebuilding of the two main roundabouts, one near De Rohan Gate and the other one near St Dorothy’s School. The arterial road between the two was widened. The project was completed in slightly less than two months.

In a statement the Transport Ministry said that the cycling-friendly developments along the arterial road and roundabouts were discussed with the representatives of the cycling communities during several consultation meetings.

According to the Transport Minister Ian Borg said that the project would be mitigating two bottlenecks which were both putting pressure on Żebbuġ as well as connecting roads. Żebbuġ residents complained in the final phase of the project since they found themselves effectively locked inside their village while others said that this was necessary for the project to be completed.