UPE says English Language School teachers have the right to join a union

Photo by: Usplash

The Union of Professional Educators – Voice of the Workers, is demanding for the constitutional right for teachers at Clubclass English Language School to affiliate to a trade union. In a statement the UPE said that it made innumerable attempts to initiate some form of communication with the owner of the Language School.

In the past weeks, the teachers working at this school were also given a series of directives by the union whereby work-related communication was discontinued, attendance sheets were not handed in and schemes of work and any educational resources were not forwarded to the school.

The UPE said that these directives were instructed with the aim to try and convince the employer to acknowledge their constitutional right to affiliation to a trade union, and to initiate talks with the said union on issues which go against their rights as workers.

According to the union the employer has to date resisted any attempt to sit down and discuss, and has even ignored the call for a reconciliation meeting with the DIER.

If this situation persists, Clubclass teachers who are members of the UPE will go on strike, said the UPE.

The union continued to explain that the employer will receive a formal notice of 48 hours before the strike takes place and until then, the union and the teachers will stand by the directives which are currently in force.