Ignored by Education Ministry to discuss protocols for re-opening of schools, says UPE

Graham Sansone

The Union of Professional Educators, UPE, said that it has been reserved the unconstitutional side-line as it has not been granted the possibility to voice its members’ opinion. 

The UPE issued this statement as today meetings are being held between the Ministry of Education and the public health authorities, together with the stakeholders to discuss the protocols that will be implemented in schools as they re-open next month.

The union said that it is disconcerting to see how social dialogue is completely ignored by the ministry, with a union which holds a good portion of the educational sector as members.

“Despite being promised, on several occasions, that the intervention of the UPE would be called upon, all such intentions fall into oblivion every time decisions are taken,” sated Graham Sansone, Executive Head of the UPE.

Sansone said that under the current circumstances, with so many people’s health and livelihood at stake, the Ministry should have ensured the involvement of all stakeholders and it is therefore waiting on the Ministry to send its list of protocols before they are published on social media.

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