‘Upcoming budget should address circular economy’ – PD

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Partit Demokratiku leader and MEP candidate Godfrey Farrugia urged that the next budget should be one that addresses circular economy, and one that reduces waste and uses natural resources efficiently.

In a statement Farrugia said that a circular economy has a potential to foster jobs and sustainable growth. MEP candidate Camilla Appelgren said that nature does not have any borders and that everyone has to work to protect diminishing natural capital and safeguard the environment.

According to PD a 2020 budget ‘should be a Malta Project, whereby we strive to reach the 2050 EU target to have a carbon neutral economy’.

MEP candidate Anthony Buttigieg said that a coalition of 8 EU, led by France, have proposed that 25% of the European budget should go towards combating climate change.