Unloading containers in Quarry Wharf is allowed – Police

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Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The Police have stated that one can park a container in Quarry Wharf for loading and unloading purposes, as indicated in the area’s traffic signs.

The Police Force was responding to a number of questions Newsbook.com.mt asked, following a recent traffic accident involving a Żabbar councilor, which took place at the same area. She stated that she could not see the container occupying the lane as the sun was still rising.

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In their reply, the Police quoted a law which stated that no citizen can park a trailer, a loading/unloading commercial vehicle or any other commercial vehicle equipped with a container to be used for loading unless it is permitted by the Commissioner. They added that the Commissioner is the person who confirms the logistics and times of where one can load and unload merchandise from a container.

Referencing to Quarry Wharf, the Police explained that there is a yellow marking at the end of the road, which shows that a vehicle is not allowed to stop and wait. However, it was explained that at both ends of the road there is a marking indicating that one can load or unload, as long as it does not stand still waiting. The signs indicate where this area starts and ends. The Police stated that since there are many stores in the surrounding area, it is frequently used for commercial purposes.

In the recent weeks Newsbook.com.mt discussed with Valletta’s mayor Alfred Zammit, who explained that in recent years there have been five incidents at Quarry Wharf. He said that although the recent victims only suffered minor injuries, we are awaiting a tragedy.

On the other hand, the Police stated that in the past six years, there has only been one incident which was reported to them; and the person involved suffered minor injuries only.

Zammit stated that Transport Malta should take action and ensure that this road’s regulations are not be broken any longer.