University to receive title to four properties

Miguela Xuereb

The University of Malta is to be handed title of four properties which form part of its structure, with government set to present a parliamentary resolution to this effect in the coming days.

The properties in question are the University Campus in Valletta, the University Campus in Marsaxlokk, the Junior College and the University Gozo Campus in Xewkija, and are currently owned by the Lands Authority. They will be transferred by a title of perpetual emphyteusis, which will provide that they shall be used primarily for educational ancillary purposes.

The Ġan Franġisk Abela Junior College covers an area of 4,400 square metres. The building had been built in the 1960s to host the original MCAST – the name was revived for the present college. The building then hosted the Upper Lyceum, which was transformed into a Junior College when the University was made responsible for it in 1995.

The Valletta Campus dates back to 1592, originally to house the Jesuit-run Collegium Melitense. It served as the main campus of the University of Malta from its foundation in 1769 until the opening of the Tal-Qroqq campus in the 1960s.

The Marsaxlokk Campus hosts the University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy, while the Gozo Campus hosts various part-time courses and caters to the need of Gozitan university students.

Transfer ‘sign of government’s commitment to University’

In a visit to the Valletta Campus, Education Minister Owen Bonnici described the transfer of the four sites as a sign of the government’s strong commitment in favour of the continuous advancement of the University.

“The transfer of properties will be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, steps towards better tertiary education for future generations,” the minister said. “The ultimate beneficiaries of this agreement will be the students themselves.”

His words were echoed by Parliamentary Secretary for Youth Clifton Grima, who said that “the fact that we are giving these resources, which is the largest investment that the government has ever made in our University, factually confirms that we believe that the University holds a major role for our country’s development.”