Unique Alfred Gerada cartoon donated to FWA

NGO Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna today was the proud recipient of an original and unique cartoon by Alfred Gerada, donated by theatre stalwart Narcy Calamatta and his wife Lauren.

Mrs Calamatta is the daughter of Major Stanley Clews, and the cartoon originally adorned the walls of his abode. When he passed away, Mr Calamatta said that it was decided to donate the cartoon to the Maltese people, leading to the donation made to Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna today.

Apart from being a historic one, the occasion was also a very happy one as Mr and Mrs Calamatta were accompanied by three generations of their family, including their daughter Paula, as well as their son Matthew, his wife Kate and children Alex and Julian, the latter of whom all live in the U.S.

Born in July 1895, Alfred Gerada is Malta’s most prolific cartoonist and is considered one of the leading graphic artists of his time. For some 40 years, through his cartoons carried in the Times of Malta and Il-Berqa he charted the nation’s history. His work left a permanent mark on the satirical depiction of Maltese history and any reference made to cartoons published in Malta in the 20th century.

Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna Chairman and CEO Mario Farrugia said that this important original wartime cartoon, drawn by Gerada to commemorate the presentation of the George Cross to Malta in April 1942,  will be exhibited on display at the Malta At War Museum at Couvre Porte, Vittoriosa.


Photos and video: Miguela Xuereb