Unexpectedly pregnant? FLIMKIEN on Newsbook.com.mt could help

Flimkien Ottubru 2020 cover

Are you unexpectedly pregrant? What should you do? The October edition of the popular magazine Flimkien, once again on Newsbook.com.mt, gives ten tips to those in such situations. 

This is just one of the interesting articles that one can read on the October edition of the magazine published by Malta’s parish priests. 

Newsbook.com.mt is providing its readers with a digital edition of Flimkien. For the next few days FLIMKIEN will be prominently displayed as an item on our homepage either in the section of the featured stories or in the Lifestyle section. Any reader who goes on ‘Lifestyle’ in the menu at the top end of the homepage will see a drop down menu, one of the items there reads FLIMKIEN. Click on it and the magazine articles are yours to read.

Newsbook.com.mt will also be reproducing a number of articles from FLIMKIEN. At the bottom of each item an icon with the magazine’s cover page can take readers to the whole magazine.

Among the articles that our readers can enjoy one finds:

  • Dr Nicholas Briffa explains how sexuality can be enjoyed to the full
  • Prof. Andrew Azzopardi is interviewed about hate speech.
  • The intitiative Bekids.mt is explained
  • Dr Ryan Caligari delves into inheritance and cohabitation

The full version of FLIMKIEN can be accessed here

Flimkien Ottubru 2020 cover