Unexpected guest eats €19,000 from ATM

    This picture taken on June 19, 2018, shows shredded Indian currency notes in 2000 and 500 rupee denominations after being eaten by rats in at ATM in Tinsukia in India's northeastern Assam state. - Indian police on June 21 said rats nibbled through more than a million rupees of banknotes after busting into a cash machine in the country's northeast. (Photo by - / AFP) (Photo credit should read -/AFP/Getty Images)

    This particular theft was a unique one after the perpetrators were hungry mice.

    In this case, an ATM in Northeast India was robbed by a number of mice who ate more than €19,000 in cash.

    Police said that at least one mouse came from behind and began to eat from inside the ATM.

    It is understood that technicians were called to repair the Bank of India ATM machine in the town of Tinsukia.  The machine had been out of order for about three weeks when they found the dead mouse and money thorn into small pieces.