Unbearable situation onboard MV Marina, 79 migrants waiting for safe port

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

The situation on board the commercial vessel MV Marina is unbearable, according to the NGO Sea-Watch International.

Yesterday, Newsbook.com.mt reported that a big knife fight developed between migrants on the ship whose captain was ordered by the Rescue Coordinating Centre (RCC) of Malta to pick up migrants from the sea. 79 migrants were picked up by the ship, 3 of whom are women

On Twitter the NGO has reported that the Ship’s captain reported that the migrants are sleeping in the open, the crew, which amounts to 13, from Ukraine and the Philippines, are exhausted and the food will expire soon.

Sea-Watch International appealed to Italy and Malta to open the ports so the migrants could be brought to safety.

The MV Marina was scheduled to arrive at Malta Freeport last Sunday to discharge 265 containers and load another 235 containers for carriage to Sousse also in Tunisia on Monday, May 4.