Unauthorised absences from school have dropped – NSO

The number of unauthorised absences by students in primary and secondary formal education has decreased in the last five years.

According to new figures compiled by the National Statistics Office,  the period between 2012/13 and 2016/17 recorded a decrease of 26.6%, 275,262 – 202,101 days.

The authority also found that the number of authorised absences had also decreased by 24.2% (434,899 – 329,629 days).

In total, this represented a drop of 25.1% (710,161 – 531,730 days) over the last five academic years.

The report also found that Church schools represented the largest average class sizes in primary and secondary level compared with State and Private schools.

The NSO reported that in the academic year of 2016/17, there were an average of more than 20 students per primary school class, Years 1 to 6. The highest being Year 5 with 25.7.

Private schools, between Year 1 and 3 had just over 20 students, the highest being Year 1 with 21.6. State schools were recorded as having just over 16 students across the primary school years.

The same can be seen for Church schools at the Secondary level, where the highest recorded average was 24 students in Form 1. This consistently sits above 20 across the remaining Form years.

State schools highest average appeared in Form 2 with 19.2 students.