Unacceptable for government to blame the parents – PN

The Nationalist Party said that it was unacceptable that due to the Government’s lack of planning, the parents were blamed. In a statement the Party spoke of the shortcomings in preparing for the free school transport scheme as well as supervision on the school transport.

The PN said that more than 800 students were left without free school transport. The Party referred to the Prime Minister’s interview on the party media during which he blamed the parents for registering their children at the eleventh hour resulting in the children not being able to secure a place on the school transport.

The PN called on the Government to find a solution and address the shortcomings in the free transport scheme as well as the supervision.

The Labour Party says that the parents are saving money

The Labour Party (PL) said that the families will retain more money in their pockets. In a statement the Labour Party said that more than 70 operators have come together in the deal which saw free transport being offered to students that attend non-state schools.

The Government said that thousands of students were benefiting from the newly launched scheme.