UK radio station to feature remix by local artiste Juno Valdez

The remix by Stevy Vee of 'This is Your Life' has not only made it to HOT Radio, but has also been chosen to feature as their 'Tune of The Week'.

Juno Valdez / Photo credit: Debbie Pisani

Last May, the original to ‘This is Your Life’ (a Toby music production written by Toby & Marilyn and featuring David Cassar Torreggiani on guitars) was released.

It performed and continues to perform extremely well, climbing to No.2 on the PRS airplay charts and holds the fort today at No.6, almost 15 weeks post-release.

On the 8th August, its dance remix by Stevy Vee was released in an unscheduled collaboration following Stevy having hand-picked her vocals and track as his return to the scene as an artist in his own right. His dance remix to ‘This is Your Life’ thus becomes the first of Stevy’s focused efforts to promote and elevate the ‘vocal house’ genre in Malta through collaborations that at once possess the qualities necessary to be featured on radio as well as in the clubs.

The remix has gained noticeable traction in just one week since release, entering the PRS airplay charts at No.5 and receiving accolades from both local and foreign peer producers as it premiered across the summer club scene.

In addition to local radio stations and dance anthem shows that are showing the track love across the board, the remix has also been featured on an Italian online radio in Milan (Radio Atlanta Milan) which has been a consistent supporter of Juno Valdez’s musical releases. 

Most recently, the dance remix has been accepted by HOT Radio, a UK radio station broadcasting to Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. Excitingly for Stevy Vee and Juno Valdez, the remix to ‘This is Your Life’ has not only made a UK radio playlist, but has also been chosen to feature as their ‘Tune of The Week’ on Monday 14th September 2020.

I left music seven years ago for a variety of reasons and while one tries to not live with regret, I do of course regret it.”

Asked by about how all of this made her feel, Juno said that to her writing and producing music was very much like producing kites.

“You could create the most beautiful kite in the world but you cannot fully enjoy it without the necessary wind to first set it in motion, then lift it gently off the ground and eventually allow it to take flight and glide beautifully across the sky. In music, the wind means earning the respect of your peers, earning and maintaining the respect, belief and support of the radios and the beautiful people behind them, and having all of this long-term. It is not a solo gig where you train hard and run the race. It is rather an ongoing slow dance in diplomacy and human relations and yes, requiring at times that people who owe you absolutely nothing take a leap of blind faith on you and then you make it worth their while. That is what you work for every single day.

“I left music seven years ago for a variety of reasons and while one tries to not live with regret, I do of course regret it.” she added.

Today Juno Valdez holds not one but two spots on the coveted PRS airplay charts top ten and sits as one of just two female artists, the other being internationally famed superstar Emma Muscat.

“The next ‘Juno’ releases are lined up like ladies in waiting and my mind is constantly buzzing with fresh ideas like John Mayer’s ‘Neon’. I have never felt more alive. I feel immensely blessed to have been given a second chance, in a world where so many don’t even get a first,” she concluded.